Why you should buy cats in catteries.

My friend recently called me and asked for a piece of advice, her colleague bought a kitten at pet market. Kitten died from a disease, in fact, suffered from vomiting, scours and denial of food. This case is demonstrative, so many stories started from pet market end this way. Kitten’s been in vet clinic and got diagnosed panleukopenia, people also call it “cat plague”, this illness is very dangerous and sometimes lethal. After it its not recommended to have cats for half a year and to sterilize the room. So she spent 5000 rubles for the cat, 2000 to visit the vet,  1000 rubles for a drop and 1750 for some vet medicine. Not saying about emotional distress when a pet, that is already close to you, dies and you can not help it. Most of such stories end rather sadly. Also I’d like to remind, there are some illnesses people can get from pets.

These are the most terrible consequences of buying at pet market. But there are also ones that aren’t tat bad. For example sphinx kitten came out as a simple regular cat or promised maine coon came out as a normal stiriped cat, and instead of pedigree you just got a printed sheet.

Think about, a mister pays twice, and if you decided to get a highbred kitten, then you better do it in cattery. Mostly, people breeding cats have phelinological  degree, breeding experience, got their own pedigree program and registered cattery in one of the phelinological systems (WCF, TIKA, FIFE, etc). In every cattery does health surveys and only feeds it’s cats the best premium feedings, and also vitamins. So most likely you won’t be disappointed if you get a cat from cattery. I myself bought a kitten in childhood and it died the next day. Don’t make others’ mistakes!