Новости питомника шотландских кошек

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Мы решили пофотографировать наших повзрослевших котят из разных пометов. Они так подросли и похорошели  и мы очень рады что кошечки станут нашими будущими  производительницами.






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К нам приехала очень красивая в отличном типе кошечка из Англии. Представляем новую подрастающую производительницу питомника британскую кошку окраса лилак-поинт Sevilla Windymeadow of MaxelPoint

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We test our cats.

We had sent tests of our male cats to the Economical DNA Testing lab in Australia and recently have received great results: all the males of cattery have PKD-negative, everyone has Delition, and our young cat Chessi Diamond-PRO of MaxelPoint is homozygotic bearer of cinnamone!

New kittens were born!

New kittens were born from our most famous cat Ultra Cira of Maxelpoint and our tickled chocolate cat I.Ch. Ultra Cappuchino of Jantar. More info at the Kittens for sale page.

Worldwide cat show had been hosted from 26th till 27th of june

Our cattery took part in one of the biggest worldwide cat shows which took place in Moscow. There were more than 600 participants and is such big competition, our cat King Rainbow Cat City of Maxel Point  took 7th place of british monobreed (special ring of silver and golden chinchillas and tabby-colors) out of 39 participants, also 9th place in WCF ring kittens 2nd day out of 40 participants and got nominated on the second day. Our second cat I.Ch. Ultra Cappuchino of Jantar closed interchampion title and opened grand interchampion one. There was no competition in colors, our cattery’s goal is rare and exclusive color.

We have a new british cat in our cattery  King Rainbow Cat City of Maxel Point.

Youngster (that is 9 months old and weights 4.5 kg) came from Novosibirsk, thanks to Nadezhda Gerasimova. King at his little age already has 2nd place in WCF ring, best junior and best in breed at “Siberia super-cup 2010”