About our cattery.

Hello dear guests, we are very glad to greet you on our website. Let me introduce myself, I’m Helen Chernyakova. Me are the owners and founders of this professional cattery “MaxelPoint”, specialized on elite cats breeding. Especially on Scottish and British shorthair and longhair, color point and chinchilla colours.

How it began.

Our first cat was Ultra Cira Chocolate tabby point coloured. Literally she founded this cattery with us. One of the biggest cat-show in Moscow called “Sodruzhestvo” (“Unity”) was the beginning of our “rising star’” Cira’s career. We got “CAC” and “Best” category. Jury’s positive feedback inspired us to visit a few cities with similar cat-shows, and almost everywhere we had got “best” category and had been in WCF top ten. As for now, Ultra Cira of Maxel point is Eurochampion, and has great cat-shows history.

After some time we formed our “ideal cat” vision. So we decided to get some cats, and we did. We bought them from famous Moscow and European catteries. By the way, we have stock breeding plans with some of them, specifically with “Ultra” (owner is Anastasia Smirnova) and “GoodwillHouse” (owner is Fedorova Yuliya).

Out main goal – beautiful and healthy Scottish fold and British well-known and exclusive coloured cats. We are doing our best to reach excellence in the colour aspect. Rare colours, such as: Silver colour-point , ticked colour-point chinchillas, gold and silver chinchilla-point Chocolate ticked We pay much attention to chinchilla-point (silver shaded point - ns 1133) and longhair silver colour-point. These are the prettiest and of course longhair managing is much easier .

Maxel point as well has accent on eye colour, we prefer cyan, blue and green. Although bright yellow eyes of our cat Jantar of Kappuchinno of Maxel point attracts every one too. This cat got unique colour, the only one in whole Russia!

He’s being used in one of our stock breeding programs for getting ticked and chocolate colours. We live in southern part of Moscow, but are planning to move out of the city, outdoors with our lovely cats and our dog. Feel free to call us and ask questions about our cattery. Welcome to our big and friendly Maxel point family!

Best regards, Helen Chernyakova.

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